Lotte Reumert KPI 8 MS

Introducing Key Performance Indicators to the organization 

What is the reasons for setting up KPI’s

  • It helps you go from strategy to action by defining your priorities and targets for this year  and forward
  • It helps you reach your goals by giving you a sense of direction
  • Securing transparency in the department by having clear goals
  • The process of setting up KPI´s is key to reach the potential of having KPI as a tool to reach your goals


And what does is give you?

  • Your priorities becomes a shared awareness in your departments and makes it easier for management and employees to navigate when doing daily tasks.
  • The sense of direction makes it possible to take the necessary actions in time and still reach your goals
  • The transparency helps management and employees to make decisions in a more aligned way
  • The right process of setting up KPI’s  with Involvement of your team members gives you important input, buy-in and motivation for reaching your goals